Fixed Windows VS Operable Windows

Do Fixed Replacement Windows In Cypress TX Make More Sense Than Operable Windows? (Or Vice Versa?)

Once you decide to get new replacement windows in Cypress TX for your home, you’ll be making several decisions along the way. Among others, you will have to choose which window style to get and this won’t be easy. As you probably know by now, there are many choices available out there. At Zen Windows Houston alone, we have a wide selection ranging from casements and bay windows to picture windows. The list actually goes on and on. Before you make the final choice, you also have to decide whether you want fixed windows or operable windows. Both actually have their share of pros and cons. In the end, your choice will largely depend on your needs at home as well as your individual preference.

Fixed windows can be small in size like round top windows which are often used as accents to other window styles and even doors. They can also be huge like picture windows and often serve as a major feature at home particularly in the living room offering a significant amount of light indoors as well as an unhindered view of the outdoor environment. Because they can’t be opened or closed, fixed windows are very energy-efficient preventing air from getting in and out of the house. Plus, they tend to last longer since they just stay in place the whole time. On the downside, obviously, you can’t rely on them to aid the circulation of air through your home since they can’t offer you any form of ventilation.

Meanwhile, operable or operational windows are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. This alone is already a plus point as you are given various options to attain the look and feel that you want for your home whether contemporary or traditional style. However, the most significant advantage of operational windows is that they can offer excellent ventilation depending on the style you choose. For certain designs, they can even let you regulate air flow at home which can subsequently help you lower your energy bills at home to a certain extent.

However, just like fixed windows, they also are far from perfect. Operable windows are known to leak both air and moisture more so if they are old and flawed. Even new operational windows also allow air to get in and out of your home especially if they are improperly installed. This is why it is important to have your new operable windows installed by trusted professional (like us) to ensure that they perform at their optimum potentials and for you to get the most of your investment.

So which between these two types of windows should you get for your home? The answer is in fact obvious. Get both for you to enjoy the best of both worlds!

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