Windows, Glass Doors, And UV

Replacement Windows In Humble TX, Glass Doors, And UV: Block Those Rays!

Nothing beats having a cup of coffee in the morning while gazing at the lovely view outside and the dazzle of morning sunbeams shining into your home through your glass replacement windows in Humble TX or sliding glass doors. Perfect, some would even say. However, this scenario comes with a price and it’s not even the cost of the windows or doors we’re talking about but the ultraviolet rays that can be damaging not only to your home furnishings but to your health as well. The good news though is that you don’t have to live in the dark to avoid them. There are ways for you to enjoy what your windows and glass doors can offer you without having to worry about the harmful UV rays.

First of all, there are three basic types of UV rays. The first one is the UVC which thankfully never reaches earth. The second type is the UVB rays which cause sunburn especially during the summertime. The third type, the UVA rays, are responsible for skin cancer, premature skin aging, and other health problems and are present the whole year round.

The good news is that ordinary window glass can protect your home from UVB rays. The bad news, however is that they can only block up to 50 percent of the UVA rays. This is enough to give you a tan if you spend a considerable time standing beside your windows or sliding glass doors. Overtime, this same amount is enough to bleach your fabric, book covers, papers, and other items inside your home.

Fortunately, there are several options available to help protect your home from the UVA rays although admittedly, some make more sense than others. For instance, there’s the protective window film that you can put on your windows or doors. Although a cost-effective approach, this may, however, leave you with a darker room. Plus, when you attach this film to your double-pane window, it can make one pane way hotter than the other causing it to break, which may void your warranty!

Another option is the installation of blackout curtains or thermal blinds. Although they can be costly, they offer better protection as they can block a higher percentage of UVA rays. Also, with these window treatments, you have the option to open or close them whenever you want. While we don’t sell these products, we’ll be more than glad to discuss with you which UV-blocking method is more ideal for your home and our windows!

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