Choosing Window Grid Configurations For Your Houston Home

Here at Zen Windows Houston, we believe your replacement windows should be both beautiful and functional. There are all sorts of ways to enhance a window’s natural beauty, including the ubiquitous devices known as grids. A grid is simply some combination of thin, elongated strips that create the appearance of multiple small panes within a single larger pane. These structures are purely decorative, but they can lend a great deal of elegance and sophistication to your windows – and by extension to your overall home. Grids may be external or internal; on some models they are glued or snapped onto the outside of the glass, while on others they are installed between the two sheets of glass that make up a double-glazed window.

Different grid configurations create different visual effects, so you’ll want to choose a grid that naturally complements the home’s existing look (unless, of course, you’re planning on a complete exterior remodel). Some of the most common available options include:

  • 2×2 – This is your standard separation into four rectangles via a single vertical grid and a single horizontal grid.
  • 1×4 – This option consists of four horizontal grids spaced at equal intervals down the window, with no vertical grids at all.
  • Fractional – A single horizontal grid placed off-center on the glass, with one or more vertical grids extending from the horizontal grid toward the outer portion of the window.
  • Colonial – Multiple horizontal and vertical grids divide the glass into several smaller rectangles. A Colonial grid that doesn’t extend the full length of the window is called “Modified Colonial.”
  • Diamond – Also known as “Tudor,” this option features grids running at diagonal angles to create multiple diamond shapes along the window.

The names of these grids can give you some idea as to how to match the grid style to your home. A Tudor-style home, for example, should benefit from a “Tudor” diagonal grid, while a Colonial-style home should naturally pair nicely with a Colonial grid. If your decor features circles or other unusual shapes, you can invest in custom-designed grids to reflect that choice. A severely geometrical modern home can play host to any combination of vertical and horizontal grid configurations.

While you want to achieve a unified look, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to (or even want to) use the exact same grid configuration on every window in the house. The back of the home, for instance, might benefit from a different grid arrangement than the front. However, you should take care to go with the same grids for each window on a given side or floor to ensure that everything makes good stylistic sense from that particular viewpoint.

Curious about what kinds of grid choices you have when you order from Zen Windows Houston? Contact us and let’s discuss your personal tastes, your home’s current design scheme, and the various options that best suit your budget. Zen Windows Houston can help you put your windows “on the grid!”

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