Double Hung vs Single Hung

Both sashes lift up and tilt-in for easy cleaning.
Poorly designed windows can leak air in numerous places, making your home drafty.

Are Double Hung Vinyl Windows Better Than Single Hungs?

If you are trying to figure out if double hungs are better than single hung windows, the answer largely depends on your needs and preferences. You see, we at Zen Windows Houston endeavor to equip all the best qualities in our windows such as ease, affordability, comfort, and energy efficiency to allow you to get the best value for your money regardless of the choice you end up with in the end.

  • Two operational sashes: When you decide on double hung windows, you have two sashes that are able to move up and down to enable you to control air flow. In contrast, with single hungs only their bottom sash can be lifted up while the top sash stays in position. If you are looking for a window that will offer ease of cleaning, double hungs have the added edge since their sashes can be titled in making it easier to clean your windows even from inside your house.
  • Affordability: Given that single hung windows only have one sash that is operational, this can keep the cost of the units down. If you are running on a limited budget, it is a good idea to opt for single hungs to keep your expenses at a minimum.
  • Air infiltration: Whether you choose double or single hung windows, you are guaranteed of units that will prevent a significant amount of air leakage. Both our single hung and double hung vinyl windows are designed with strong and effective barriers with at least two strips of weather stripping around their sash parameter. In fact, with Zen windows, regardless of the type, you will get the best air infiltration ratings in the business.
  • Energy Efficiency: To further get full energy advantage on your double hung or single hung replacement upgrades, we encourage you to choose from our more than 20 different glass packages to meet the right energy requirements for your home. Take note that windows with foam insulation in the sash and frame and those with triple-pane glass provide higher energy performance than units without them.

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