What Makes A Good Vinyl Window?

Sash meeting rails showing structural interlock and K-Beam™ reinforcement.




Foam fill adds insulation to the multi-chambered construction.


Welded corners prevent air from leaking through the corners.


Insulated glass unit showing three panes of glass and two Super Spacers.


What Qualities To Look For In Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Basically, you can say that a vinyl double hung window offers excellent value for your money when it can offer you energy efficiency, durability and very minimal air leakage. To help you spot these qualities, here are the six key components that you should keep in mind when shopping for windows.

  1. Interlocks: Check out the construction of the window. The sashes should interlock with each other and the window frame. This will create a tight barrier that will make it almost impossible for air to leak.
  2. Reinforced meeting rails: Additional reinforcement will ensure durability and longevity in your windows. This will also allow the sashes to interlock nicely. Look for non-metal reinforcement because they offer higher levels of insulation than aluminum and is also five times stronger than steel.
  3. Foam filled frame and sashes: A properly insulated window ranks high on energy performance. Vinyl windows in Houston already have the added advantage over other window types because of their multi-chambered construction into which foam insulation is injected greatly increasing the windows’ energy efficiency. The foam fill, by the way, is the most effective insulation which provides maximum insulating properties on your windows. Another insulating product that can be incorporated into the chambers of vinyl double hung windows is stick foam.
  4. Weather-stripping: In order for your windows to offer maximum protection against air leakage, there should be barriers that will prevent air from leaking out. You will know how much protection a window offers against air infiltration just by looking at the type of weather-stripping used and the amount. Look for a vinyl double hung window that utilizes multiple strips around its sashes. Aside from keeping air leakage at a minimum, these will also hold a window’s shape for years.
  5. Welded Corners: When the corner joints of the sashes and frames in your windows are mechanically joined, this can cause drafty windows later on as the joints tend to loosen up overtime enabling air to get in. This won’t be a problem with Vinyl double hung windows by Zen Windows because their corner joints are welded together. This technique will not only keep air from getting through, it will also provide a professional and clean look on your windows.
  6. Insulated Glass: The type of glass technology you will use on your windows can have a huge impact on the energy performance of the units. At Zen Windows, we offer 23 different variations of insulated glass that you can choose from for your vinyl hung double windows to take full advantage of their energy-saving qualities.

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