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How Can Zen Windows Give You An Accurate Quote Without Going To Your Home?

When you talk about replacement windows, this is one of the times that you can say, “Size doesn’t matter.” Well, not that much anyway.

The largest expense involved in manufacturing windows in the factory is not the materials. Each window is custom made. However, all replacement windows require the same number of steps in setting up the jig, the same number of components, the same number of welds, etc. These things don’t change in any way based on the size of the window being made.

As far as the materials needed to make a window that’s 9 sq. ft or 12 sq. ft. in size, there won’t be that much of a difference in the cost of the glass or vinyl. To be exact, we’re only looking at a $6 difference. When you compare that to the cost of a window, you’ll know that it’s not something that we at Zen Windows Houston will lose sleep over. But, there’s a point where it does make a little more difference and that would be windows that are larger than 17 sq. ft. (101 unified inches, e.g. 41″ X 60″ = 101″). This is why we’ll ask you for the size of your largest window and how many windows are of that size or close to it. However, even if we get the computations wrong, we won’t end up with a death sentence that’s going to put us into a state of bankruptcy.

To make the answer simple, replacement windows really aren’t that complicated and the tolerances for giving an estimate that both of us can live with won’t require a visit to your house just so we can give you an accurate quote.

What Are The Best Benefits That You Can Get From Having New Replacement Windows Installed?

With the numerous benefits that you can get from having new replacement windows installed on your home, they are considered to be more of a necessity rather than being a luxury. Below are some of the best benefits that you can get from them.


Energy Efficiency

This is perhaps the best benefit that you can get from having new windows installed on your home. Replacement windows available in the market today aren’t only designed with beautiful and durable materials but they are also made to offer high levels of energy efficiency. This makes them really useful in lowering down the energy costs of a household.


Improved Value

Window replacements come in a wide array of styles, designs, and sizes which make it easy for homeowners to find models that will best match the look and feel of their home while meeting their standards for energy efficiency. As a result, the overall value of a home is improved. This comes in really handy when you’re planning on selling your home.


Reduced Noise

Most replacement windows are made with insulated panes of glass that are designed to keep the elements out. Because of their structure, they are also effective in sealing out noise. This enables them to reduce sound transmission and in turn lets them make a home a whole lot quieter inside. This feature is really beneficial for homeowners who live in noisy neighborhoods.


Better Glass

Replacement windows generally come with Low-E glass, which is a type of glass that has a special coating that has the ability to reflect infrared light. This helps make the windows effective in minimizing heat transfer, which is why they can keep a house warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot outside. The coating used on Low-E glass comes in various levels of UV protection.


Better Security

Since windows can serve as access points for robbers and intruders, they should have the right amount of durability to provide security. The types of glass used on replacement windows are impact-resistant so they won’t break easily. Plus, the windows are equipped with better locking mechanisms. The best types of glass are those that have been through forced-entry tests and have passed.


If you want to enjoy all of the different benefits that replacement windows can offer, give Zen Windows Houston a call today. We offer free quotes in 5 minutes and we don’t require any down payments.

How Much Money Should I Invest On Getting A New Replacement Window?

When we try to buy something, we always want to get a good deal. However, it’s important for us to know that the cheapest option available in the market isn’t always the best choice to go for. This is particularly true for products intended for home improvement projects such as replacement windows. In the replacement window industry, it is said that “If you decide to buy cheap windows, you’ll surely end up buying twice.”

Replacement windows that are available in the market today can vary to a huge extent when it comes to price. The most common prices would be $200, $400, $600, and $1500. The costs of the windows vary for different reasons.

Windows that range between $200 and $400 are basically called rental windows because they only serve as a temporary solution for a home. The reason for this is that they aren’t built to last for a lifetime so they eventually need to be replaced after a certain period of time. Apart from not being really durable, these windows are also cheap because they don’t usually come with a free installation service and a warranty.

Let’s skip the $600 windows for now and take a look at the $1500 windows first. These window replacements are basically the same as those that only cost $600. Why? The answer is fairly simple. In the replacement window industry, there are tons of companies whose main purpose is to generate lots of profit and they want to be able to do this within the shortest possible time. Because of this, they will exert full efforts on selling their products to people who have absolutely no idea about replacement windows, for the highest possible price. Some of these companies actually offer high quality windows with good installation services but most of them won’t show genuine concern for their customers especially after they get paid for the job.

Windows that cost an average of $600 are the same as the ones that cost $1500. The only difference is that they are sold by companies who focus more on building a positive relationship with their clients rather than generating money quickly. These companies are in it for the long run and would want to build a great reputation for themselves. Most of them have been in business for more than 20 to 30 years. You can be assured that when you call them, someone’s going to pick up the phone and cater to your concerns.

Zen Windows Houston aims to provide the best quality replacement windows, doors, and installation services for all of its clients. We provide a no-money-down guarantee for all of our products which means that you won’t have to pay us anything until your windows and doors have been installed properly. Plus, all of our products come with a lifetime warranty. This is our own way of assuring you that we will provide you nothing but the best products and services.

How To Determine If Replacement Windows Have A Good Warranty?

Even though most replacement windows in the market today are built to last for a really long time, we can’t still put aside the fact that some of them can get broken or damaged easily because of certain factors. This is why it’s important for you to get windows that come with a good warranty. Apart from determining if a warranty is good or not, you should also determine how long it’s going to last. A lot of replacement window companies out there will tell you that they offer a “lifetime” warranty for all of the products that they sell but this is a pretty vague term. If you really want to know whether or not a warranty is good, take the time to ask the company the following questions.


  1. Who provides the warranty of the windows? Is it the window company or the window manufacturer?
  2. What does the term “lifetime” mean in lifetime warranty? Does it refer to the life of the windows, the lifespan of the house where they’re going to placed on, or the amount of time that you’re going to be staying in your house?
  3. If a warranty issue comes up, will the warranty be pro-rated?
  4. Am I going to be charged any money whenever a warranty issue comes up?
  5. If I’m going to sell my house later in time, will I be able to transfer the warranty to the buyer? If yes, do I need to pay money to be able to do that?
  6. If the glass of the windows accidentally breaks, will the warranty cover up for them?
  7. Does the warranty cover a torn screen?
  8. Does the window company have its very own full time service technician who will be on standby to provide services to customers in case they encounter warranty issues? If yes, will the service department be available 24/7 to cater to emergencies?


The questions listed above are designed to help you determine whether or not the warranty that a window company provides is really a lifetime warranty. If you want to go the extra mile by determining whether or not the warranty that the company provides is really as good as they claim it to be, here are some good questions that will help you do just that.


  1. How long will it take the company to file a service call?
  2. How long will it take the company to complete a service call?
  3. Will the company’s technician be on call when a client files a service call?
  4. Will the company charge their clients for the service they’re going to provide?


Ideally, the technician should go to the customer’s house on the same day that the call was made because he is on call to be able to provide services as quickly as possible. Plus, the company shouldn’t charge any money for the service and should do the same thing in the future.

A really good window company will provide you a great warranty that you and your home deserve so that the money that you’re going to use to pay for your windows will be the last that you’re ever going to spend on them.

Why Do Some Replacement Window Companies Ask For Down Payments?

The most obvious reason for this would be the fact that most replacement window companies want to make sure that they’re going to get paid for their products and services. In other words, this is their way of making sure that you can pay them and that you’re going to do so once they’re done installing your replacement windows and doors. It’s even sad that some companies out there will pressure you to hand in your down payment as soon as possible and after you do so, will immediately do certain tactics that will allow them to delay your project.

At Zen Windows Houston, we don’t and will never ask for any down payments from any of our customers. In fact, we will only ask you to pay us once your replacement windows have arrived and we’ve successfully installed them on your home. This our own way of making sure that we provide you nothing but the best quality products and services that you truly deserve while making sure that we protect our reputation as a company. Through our no-money-down guarantee, you won’t have to worry about not getting the right windows and doors or having a poor installation job done for you.

Why Do Replacement Window Quotes From Different Companies Differ So Much?

When you want to get new and energy efficient replacement windows installed on your house, it’s really advisable that you get as many quotes from as many window companies as possible. Doing this will help you find the right set of replacement windows that will meet your needs and will fit perfectly into your budget. However, when you ask for window quotes from different companies, you might be shocked as to why some of them have really high bids while others don’t.

The main reason why window quotes differ so much would be the amount of overhead that certain companies have. In the past, we’ve had one customer get three entirely different quotes from three separate companies. The first company quoted his windows for $51,000. The second company’s estimate was $32,000. Zen Windows, which was the third one, quoted his windows for only $15,000. This caused him a lot of confusion and he wanted to find out the reason behind this. Before I gave him the explanation for this, I told him that the other companies that gave him way higher window quotes offered quality products along with good installation services and were not trying to take advantage of him in any way. I then told him that any business out there will surely aim to earn good profit. For this specific reason, some of them will opt to get a huge office and will hire a lot of employees. If a window company does this, they will surely end up with a lot of expenses, which will reflect on the windows that they’re going to offer their customers. Apart from getting a huge number of employees, some companies also invest money on TV, radio, and newspaper ads, which further increase the price of their products.

Zen Windows does things differently by following a simple but effective business model, which was formulated by our founder, Dan Wolt. He has been in the window replacement business for more than 20 years already and has proved that his business model works really well for both his company and his customers. Our business model has changed the way people shop for replacement windows and doors into an entirely easy and stress-free experience. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars on lots of employees and expensive marketing campaigns, we only get our business from either online searches or by word of mouth. This is something that our customers think works for everybody as it doesn’t take too much time and effort.

All Zen Windows Houston customers get to talk and meet up with the owners. We don’t have a huge team of salespeople for a lot of good reasons. Since this is our own brand and company, we want to be able to represent it ourselves. Next, we think that the best way to establish a good and trusting relationship with our clients is by providing them direct and easy access to us through our cell phone and office phone numbers as well as our email addresses. By doing this, our customers won’t have to talk to anyone else but us. Plus, this allows us to make the prices of our products affordable and extremely competitive because we don’t have to give out sales commissions or spend money on lots of overhead. Lastly, talking to our customers personally allows us to guide and help them in choosing the best replacement windows and doors for their homes.

Why Is It Important To Have The Right Professionals Install Your Replacement Windows?

The energy efficiency that replacement windows can offer a home doesn’t solely rely on the materials they’re made from and their design. To be able to perform really well, the windows also need to be installed properly. This is because; even the most energy efficient replacement windows in the market won’t be able to deliver if they’re going to be installed the wrong way. This is why it’s really advisable that you get the right installers to set them up on your house.

When you go out and look for a replacement window company to get your windows from, it’s really advisable that you choose one that has its own team of professional installers rather than one that outsources the installation job to someone else. It would also be good for you to do some background check on the reputation and experience of the company that you want to get your windows from. If they have been around for more than 20 to 30 years and have received countless positive reviews from their previous clients, then you can be assured that they’re passionate about what they do and aren’t just in it for the money.

You should also check for the qualifications of the installers of the company. You can do this by checking whether or not they have an AAMI certification program. A good window company will have its own team of AAMI-certified installers who possess both the necessary skills and experience to get the job done correctly.

Having the right installers for the job will give you the assurance that your windows will be put up properly so that they won’t end up getting damaged during the process or have leaks that will prevent them from performing at their best.

What Are The Things That Make Replacement Windows Energy Efficient?

More and more homeowners are now investing money on getting energy efficient replacement windows for their homes so that they can benefit from the energy-saving capabilities that will help them lower down their monthly electric bill.

Different things make up energy replacement windows. Among all those things, the materials used to make them would be the most important one. Apart from that, the design and the process used for their production also have a huge effect on their overall energy efficiency.

The best materials to use in producing energy efficient windows would be those that have the ability to keep levels of heat transfer at a minimum. This ability allows windows to keep warm air inside the house when it’s cold outside and to keep cold air inside when it’s hot outside. A good example of these materials would be the double glazed pack that comes with a PPG intercept spacer or a foam super spacer placed in between two pieces of glass. The glass placed on windows today are also treated with a low-emissivity coating that can reflect heat in the form of infrared light while still letting visible light to pass through. Next to the glass would be the materials used to make the frames and sashes of the windows. These materials are also capable of limiting heat transfer. Vinyl is considered to be the best material to use in the production of windows because of its ability to provide high levels of energy efficiency.

The frames and sashes of the windows are also designed to withstand flexing and bending produced from movements of the house so that they won’t loosen up over time. This allows them to stay effective in serving as a barrier against the natural elements.

Even though getting new replacement windows installed can cost quite a lot of money, doing this will surely be worth it because of the energy savings that you can get through them in addition to the aesthetic value that they can provide to your house.

Why Are Vinyl Replacement Windows Known To Be The Ideal Choice To Get?

The material that’s used to make replacement windows has been proven to be the largest determining factor of their resulting energy efficiency. There are different materials used for the production of windows but among all of them, vinyl is considered to the best one. Vinyl windows provide a lot of advantages and are considered a really good alternative to fiberglass, wood, and aluminum windows because they are way more economical to use due to the level of energy efficiency that they can provide. In addition to this, they are also very easy to install and require little to no maintenance.

Vinyl replacement windows are considered to be the best choice for different reasons. One of which would be their ability to provide extensive degrees of insulation. Through this feature, they can keep heat trapped inside the house during winter and have the ability to keep heat outside the house during summer. These windows are called so because they are made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This is a material that’s known for its high R-value, which basically refers to the degree of insulation that a material can provide. Because of the high levels of energy efficiency that vinyl replacement windows can provide, they have been proven to have the ability to pay for themselves over time through the energy savings that they provide. This makes them a really great investment to make.

Aside from being really energy efficient, vinyl is also a very versatile material in the sense that it can be colored and molded to produce any style in order to achieve a custom or personalized look. This makes vinyl windows easy to match with existing home décor or color schemes.

Vinyl window replacements are also available in different designs including matte, shiny finishes, and faux wood grain. You can also decide on the number of panes that you want to have on them, the type of locking system, the width of their trim or sill, and the manner as to how they open up.

Lastly, the surfaces of vinyl windows are really durable and are already finished, stained, and sealed so there’s no longer any need to sand, paint, or do touchups on them. You don’t have to be extremely fragile in handling these windows because they are highly resistant against scratches, dents, dirt, and mold. Their exterior casing is also designed to resist the effects of UV rays so they won’t fade or wear over time. This makes them last for a really long period of time.

Can Replacement Windows Really Pay For Themselves Over Time?

There are basically tons of good reasons as to why it’s a good idea to get new replacement windows installed on your home. However, among all of those things, the energy efficiency that these things have to offer is considered as the best reason to get them.

Because of the energy efficiency that replacement windows can offer a home, which in turn can help homeowners cut down on their air conditioning and heating costs, these things are believed to be more of a necessity rather than being a luxury. Most window replacements are made from vinyl and are manufactured with a glass package that includes both Low-E glass and argon gas. Typical vinyl windows like these can help you cut down as much as 25% on your monthly energy cost. That is, if they are installed properly.

If you have to pay $100 monthly for your home electricity, having a vinyl window installed will help you save a minimum of $300 annually without the consideration of inflation. If inflation isn’t included in the equation, you will be able to save as much as $3000 on your electric bill over the period of 10 years. This is enough proof that energy efficient replacement windows can help make your home look better, more comfortable, and energy efficient while helping you save a lot of money in the long run. Based on the computation that we just did, we can come to a conclusion that, indeed, replacement windows can pay for themselves over time specifically within an average of 3 to 5 years.

How Will New And Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Help You Sell Your Home?

If you’re going to move to another city or another part of town and you want to sell your old house, one of the best things that you can do to make it really saleable would be having new replacement windows installed. Zen Windows has been selling and installing replacement windows for over 20 years now and we have already discovered all of the best benefits that these things can offer homeowners.


Curb Appeal

Replacement windows come in different styles and colors and can be customized to match or compliment the look of your home. Through this, having them installed can really improve the overall look of your home and give it the ability to quickly attract interested buyers.


Energy Savings

With the ever increasing cost of heating and air conditioning, people who are out looking for homes to buy are now looking into energy efficiency as one of the criteria to use when making a decision as to which house to buy. Having energy efficient windows on your home can give you a strong point when you try and do negotiations when you’re selling your home.



Apart from being designed to provide beauty and energy efficiency to a home, window replacements are also made with security features. This allows them to provide extra security for homes thus; giving them a “family-friendly” advantage.



There are tons of homes that are on sale in the market today so you need to take measures that will help you make your home stand out from the rest. Having new windows can certainly help you do this as they can give your house a high leverage advantage.


If you’ve decided that you want to get energy efficient window replacements installed on your home before you put it on sale, give Zen Windows Houston a call today. We’ll give you a quote in as fast as 5 minutes.

How To Know If Your Windows Are Giving You The Cold Shoulder?

When you notice that your windows are already wearing out, the first thing that you’re probably going to ask yourself would be “How do I know if I already need to get my windows replaced?”

There are different steps that you can do to determine if it’s already time for you to have new replacement windows installed on your home. First, you need to determine if your windows are already giving you the cold shoulder. Put your hand on the glass panes of your windows when it’s cold outside. If the glass panes of the windows feel cold, this means that they’re no long functioning well.

Second, touch the frame of the windows and determine whether or not they have the same temperature as the air circulating inside your house. If the window frames feel warm like the air inside your home, then they’re no longer working because energy efficient windows are designed to reflect heat.

Third, check if your windows still seal properly. Get a matchstick and light it then, move it around the frame of the window. If the flame on the matchstick flickers or gets blown out, this would signify that air is passing through your windows. If the windows don’t seal properly, they will allow large amounts of heat and cooling loss to happen which in turn lowers down the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Fourth, take a look at the glass of your windows as they can also serve as a good indicator of wear and tear. If the glass panes already look fogged up and hazy, then this would indicate extensive cold air infiltration and seal failure.

Lastly, try opening and closing your windows with just one finger from each hand. If your windows are still working well, you’ll be able to easily operate them with just two of your fingers. Windows should be easy to operate so that they won’t serve as hazards during emergencies such as fires. Apart from this, broken windows can also cause poor air quality inside the house because of exposure to mildew, allergens, and molds.

If all of the steps above indicate that your windows are already worn out or broken, give us a call or fill out the short form here on our website so we can help you determine the best replacement windows for your home.

Why Is It Highly Advisable To Have Your Front Door Changed As Well When You Get New Windows Installed?

A lot of homeowners who want to get new and energy efficient replacement windows installed want to do so not only because they want to improve the look of their homes but also because they want to cut down on their monthly electric bill. However, some of them don’t get fully satisfied with the amount of energy efficiency that their new windows provide their homes and they end up wondering why. One of the most probable reasons for this would be the fact that the new windows can’t dramatically reduce the amount of heat loss that’s happening inside the house. This isn’t because the newly installed windows aren’t of high quality or weren’t installed properly. If all of the new windows are of great quality and were properly installed, the reason behind the lack of heat loss reduction inside the house maybe because of its front door, which is basically its largest opening.

Some people fail to realize that even if they get new windows installed to properly seal their home, the cold or warm air inside can still go to its least insulated part which will be its front door. This is the biggest reason why window companies highly advise their customers to invest money on getting a new front door installed as well if they have plans on buying replacement windows. This will allow them to get full coverage on energy savings at home.

When you choose a replacement door, you need to consider the same things that you would when you’re choosing replacement windows namely energy efficiency, aesthetics, and security. An insulated steel entry door system is considered to be the ideal choice because it can meet a home’s needs in today’s time. You can also consider getting a steel gauge door that has compression weather stripping, a unique glasslite design, and an adjustable oak threshold.

It’s important for you to know that both the windows and doors that you have installed at home will have a dramatic effect on its overall energy efficiency. This is why you should strongly consider getting both of these things when you plan on replacing your old windows at home.

What Are The Benefits Of The “12 Months Same As Cash” Financing Program By Zen Windows?

With the “12 Months Same As Cash” financing program by Zen Windows, you can immediately get started on saving money with your purchase of new replacement windows and doors this year. This program is available for all of our customers and will allow you to enjoy new and energy efficient windows without the need to interrupt your current cash flow.

Some of the best benefits of joining this program include a warmer, more comfortable, less drafty house, huge energy savings, and better home security. After you get your Zen replacement windows installed, you will immediately see drastic changes on your heating and cooling bills. The money that you save from these expenses can be used to pay for the windows themselves when those payments become due.

In addition, you can enjoy the amazing tax credits available this year for both replacement windows and doors. All the products that Zen Windows Houston offers are compliant with the government standards.

Give us a call today at (281) 941-2999 and get this replacement window financing program working for you and your home.

Can I Have Replacement Windows And Doors Installed During Winter In Houston, Texas?

When people start to notice their windows wearing out, the very first question that comes o their minds would be “How can I know if it’s already time to get replacement windows?”

As a result of the tax incentives that the government and the increase of fuel costs, more and more people are realizing the true value of getting new and energy efficient windows for their homes. Let’s go over some steps that will help you determine whether or not you already need to purchase replacement windows for your home.

First, you need to see if your windows are already giving you the cold shoulder. Place your hand on the glass pane of the window when it’s cold outside. Determine if the glass feels warm like your home or if it’s cold like the weather. If the glass is cold to the touch, then this would signify that you already need to have new windows installed as your old ones are no longer functioning well.

Next, move over to the frame of the window and touch it. If the window frame has the same temperature as the air inside your home, then it’s no longer functioning well and is letting lots of heat pass through from your house. Well-functioning and energy efficient windows have the ability to reflect heat coming from your furnace back in your home.

You should also check if the windows still seal properly. You can do this by lighting a matchstick and moving it around the frame of the window. If the flame of the matchstick blows out or flickers, then your window is letting air pass through. As a result, your house is having large amounts of heat and cooling loss. Getting new windows installed will help you increase your home’s overall energy efficiency, which in turn will help you a lot in lowering heating and air conditioning costs.

The way the glass of the window looks also serves as a good indicator that will help you determine if it already needs replacement. If the glass looks fogged up, this signifies cold extensive air infiltration and seal failure.

The last thing you can do to check if your windows are already broken is to open and close them with the use of only one finger on each of your hands. A window that’s in good shape is easy to operate and provides good ventilation and security. If windows are no longer functional and easy to operate, they can serve as hazards during a fire. Plus, they can result in poor air quality inside your house because of exposure to molds, mildew, and allergens.

The best replacement windows don’t just make a house look beautiful but they also improve its overall value. Call us today or fill out the short form on the side of this page and let’s talk about the replacement windows you need for your home.

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