Can I Have Replacement Windows And Doors Installed During Winter In Houston, Texas?

When people start to notice their windows wearing out, the very first question that comes o their minds would be “How can I know if it’s already time to get replacement windows?”

As a result of the tax incentives that the government and the increase of fuel costs, more and more people are realizing the true value of getting new and energy efficient windows for their homes. Let’s go over some steps that will help you determine whether or not you already need to purchase replacement windows for your home.

First, you need to see if your windows are already giving you the cold shoulder. Place your hand on the glass pane of the window when it’s cold outside. Determine if the glass feels warm like your home or if it’s cold like the weather. If the glass is cold to the touch, then this would signify that you already need to have new windows installed as your old ones are no longer functioning well.

Next, move over to the frame of the window and touch it. If the window frame has the same temperature as the air inside your home, then it’s no longer functioning well and is letting lots of heat pass through from your house. Well-functioning and energy efficient windows have the ability to reflect heat coming from your furnace back in your home.

You should also check if the windows still seal properly. You can do this by lighting a matchstick and moving it around the frame of the window. If the flame of the matchstick blows out or flickers, then your window is letting air pass through. As a result, your house is having large amounts of heat and cooling loss. Getting new windows installed will help you increase your home’s overall energy efficiency, which in turn will help you a lot in lowering heating and air conditioning costs.

The way the glass of the window looks also serves as a good indicator that will help you determine if it already needs replacement. If the glass looks fogged up, this signifies cold extensive air infiltration and seal failure.

The last thing you can do to check if your windows are already broken is to open and close them with the use of only one finger on each of your hands. A window that’s in good shape is easy to operate and provides good ventilation and security. If windows are no longer functional and easy to operate, they can serve as hazards during a fire. Plus, they can result in poor air quality inside your house because of exposure to molds, mildew, and allergens.

The best replacement windows don’t just make a house look beautiful but they also improve its overall value. Call us today or fill out the short form on the side of this page and let’s talk about the replacement windows you need for your home.

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