How To Determine If Replacement Windows Have A Good Warranty?

Even though most replacement windows in the market today are built to last for a really long time, we can’t still put aside the fact that some of them can get broken or damaged easily because of certain factors. This is why it’s important for you to get windows that come with a good warranty. Apart from determining if a warranty is good or not, you should also determine how long it’s going to last. A lot of replacement window companies out there will tell you that they offer a “lifetime” warranty for all of the products that they sell but this is a pretty vague term. If you really want to know whether or not a warranty is good, take the time to ask the company the following questions.


  1. Who provides the warranty of the windows? Is it the window company or the window manufacturer?
  2. What does the term “lifetime” mean in lifetime warranty? Does it refer to the life of the windows, the lifespan of the house where they’re going to placed on, or the amount of time that you’re going to be staying in your house?
  3. If a warranty issue comes up, will the warranty be pro-rated?
  4. Am I going to be charged any money whenever a warranty issue comes up?
  5. If I’m going to sell my house later in time, will I be able to transfer the warranty to the buyer? If yes, do I need to pay money to be able to do that?
  6. If the glass of the windows accidentally breaks, will the warranty cover up for them?
  7. Does the warranty cover a torn screen?
  8. Does the window company have its very own full time service technician who will be on standby to provide services to customers in case they encounter warranty issues? If yes, will the service department be available 24/7 to cater to emergencies?


The questions listed above are designed to help you determine whether or not the warranty that a window company provides is really a lifetime warranty. If you want to go the extra mile by determining whether or not the warranty that the company provides is really as good as they claim it to be, here are some good questions that will help you do just that.


  1. How long will it take the company to file a service call?
  2. How long will it take the company to complete a service call?
  3. Will the company’s technician be on call when a client files a service call?
  4. Will the company charge their clients for the service they’re going to provide?


Ideally, the technician should go to the customer’s house on the same day that the call was made because he is on call to be able to provide services as quickly as possible. Plus, the company shouldn’t charge any money for the service and should do the same thing in the future.

A really good window company will provide you a great warranty that you and your home deserve so that the money that you’re going to use to pay for your windows will be the last that you’re ever going to spend on them.

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