How To Know If Your Windows Are Giving You The Cold Shoulder?

When you notice that your windows are already wearing out, the first thing that you’re probably going to ask yourself would be “How do I know if I already need to get my windows replaced?”

There are different steps that you can do to determine if it’s already time for you to have new replacement windows installed on your home. First, you need to determine if your windows are already giving you the cold shoulder. Put your hand on the glass panes of your windows when it’s cold outside. If the glass panes of the windows feel cold, this means that they’re no long functioning well.

Second, touch the frame of the windows and determine whether or not they have the same temperature as the air circulating inside your house. If the window frames feel warm like the air inside your home, then they’re no longer working because energy efficient windows are designed to reflect heat.

Third, check if your windows still seal properly. Get a matchstick and light it then, move it around the frame of the window. If the flame on the matchstick flickers or gets blown out, this would signify that air is passing through your windows. If the windows don’t seal properly, they will allow large amounts of heat and cooling loss to happen which in turn lowers down the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Fourth, take a look at the glass of your windows as they can also serve as a good indicator of wear and tear. If the glass panes already look fogged up and hazy, then this would indicate extensive cold air infiltration and seal failure.

Lastly, try opening and closing your windows with just one finger from each hand. If your windows are still working well, you’ll be able to easily operate them with just two of your fingers. Windows should be easy to operate so that they won’t serve as hazards during emergencies such as fires. Apart from this, broken windows can also cause poor air quality inside the house because of exposure to mildew, allergens, and molds.

If all of the steps above indicate that your windows are already worn out or broken, give us a call or fill out the short form here on our website so we can help you determine the best replacement windows for your home.

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