Why Do Some Replacement Window Companies Ask For Down Payments?

The most obvious reason for this would be the fact that most replacement window companies want to make sure that they’re going to get paid for their products and services. In other words, this is their way of making sure that you can pay them and that you’re going to do so once they’re done installing your replacement windows and doors. It’s even sad that some companies out there will pressure you to hand in your down payment as soon as possible and after you do so, will immediately do certain tactics that will allow them to delay your project.

At Zen Windows Houston, we don’t and will never ask for any down payments from any of our customers. In fact, we will only ask you to pay us once your replacement windows have arrived and we’ve successfully installed them on your home. This our own way of making sure that we provide you nothing but the best quality products and services that you truly deserve while making sure that we protect our reputation as a company. Through our no-money-down guarantee, you won’t have to worry about not getting the right windows and doors or having a poor installation job done for you.

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