Great Patio Parties Start With Great Patio Doors

As we get closer to summer, our thoughts turn to all the great activities we can enjoy outdoors, from munching on Memorial Day barbecue to oohing and aahing over 4th of July fireworks displays. It’s time to clean off your patio and get the backyard ready for fun and games. It’s also time to think about that all-important portal between the inside world and outdoor parties – namely, your patio door.

What does your patio door have to do with the overall fun and success of your summertime gatherings? In a word, plenty! Here are just a few considerations to bear in mind:

  • Size – The more the merrier, especially where summer parties are concerned. But how easy is it for you to move that mass of humanity in and out of your home? Many parties feature both an indoor element (appetizers, small talk, greetings and goodbyes) and an outdoor element (cookouts, games, sports). If your sliding door only gives you a few feet of clearance, then you might want to look at remodeling to expand that opening so you can fit a good-sized 8-foot or even 10-foot patio door in there.
  • Bug control – Bugs simply love Central Texas, don’t they? Mosquitoes, flies, and other unwelcome party guests can become a huge problem when you’re shuttling people through your patio door. That’s one big reason to consider investing in a sliding door with an attached screen door as opposed to swinging doors such as French doors. Make the switch now, and prepare your home for a relatively pest-free summer. If you already have a sliding glass door for your patio, how’s the screen door holding up? Is the mesh ripped? Door stuck in its tracks? Locking mechanism broken? Go ahead and make any necessary fixes before your guests arrive!
  • Visibility – A sliding glass door should be a thing of beauty, giving you and your guests an unencumbered view of your perfectly-manicured lawn, your breathtaking garden, or the Hill Country’s natural splendor. It should not confront you with a wall of fog. When sliding glass doors lose the airtight seal between their two panes of glass, the space in between accumulates moist air, creating condensation that turns your pristine view into an image of the Scottish Highlands. If you’re already experiencing that problem, a timely sliding door replacement will ensure that your party guests will have reason to be impressed, instead of depressed, with the scenery.
  • Aesthetics – A patio door has to endure many insults over the years, from high-speed hailstones to the errant baseball. If you’re embarrassed about showing off your home to guests because your patio door is scratched or cracked, then this would be the perfect time for that long-delayed sliding door replacement.

You know where to turn when you want your patio door to enhance your summertime parties instead of detracting from them – Zen Windows Houston! We can install gorgeous patio door replacements that provide the perfect combination of moisture resistance, effortless function and aesthetic appeal. Let’s party!

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