5 Minute Quote Worksheet

Thank you for requesting a quote for replacement windows in Houston TX from Zen Windows. It is our goal to make purchasing replacement windows, and patio doors, as easy as humanly possible.

No sales people, no sales presentations and window quotes in as little as 5 minutes. It’s that easy.Easy Replacment Windows Quote Worksheet

We just need some very basic info about your windows to get you a quote.


  • How many windows
  • What color
  • Grids or no grids or how many with grids
  • An idea of how big your windows are. (You DO NOT have to measure them all! 🙂

NOTE: You don’t need to measure all your windows. In fact, you might find it easier to just call me.

Dan Hatcher (713) 446-6286

We look forward to giving you your window quote.  I am the owner of Zen Windows Houston. You will never deal with a salesman or have a salesman’s commission as part of your window price.  This almost always makes our pricing more reasonable than other window company pricing (except for the ones that sell bottom rung windows).

We do not sell discount windows. Our window factory won the EPA Energy Star National Service Award this year. Our windows are top of the line windows, probably better made and better looking than any of the windows you may have seen in any national brand showroom. Because we NEVER accept down payment, we simply don’t deal with bottom rung windows because we don’t get paid until our customers are happy with their windows and the installation. So… You will LOVE our windows and our installation. We’re banking on it! 🙂

That’s pretty much it! Send that to me and I’ll send you that quote! We can also do this by phone if you prefer. In either case you will get your quote in about 5 minutes with no sales pitch or pressure even after we give you the quote.

That’s the Zen Way.

We look forward to serving you.

Dan Hatcher
Owners – Zen Windows Houston
(713) 446-6286

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