How Well Do Your Houston Windows Protect You From the Elements?

Here in the Houston area we’re luckier than many other populations when it comes to weather, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our tussles against the elements. Are your windows doing their part? Even small problems can add up to become major issues!

Leaks anywhere along the bottom, top, or sides of the window expose you to some insidious unwanted guests. The most obvious of these is extreme temperatures. If you keep cranking your thermostat up or down without ever quite getting comfortable, your windows may be letting treated air out and/or untreated air in, equalizing the temperatures and undoing your best efforts to keep yourself warm or cool. Even if your windows aren’t leaking air, they may still be to blame because they provide insufficient insulation. If you’re still sporting single-pane windows, that could be the problem right there. We can fix you up with some double-pane replacement windows that do a much better job of separating you from the great outdoors – which can potentially save you a lot of money on your energy bill too! If you have a couple of walls that receive the full onslaught of the Texas sun, you may also want to invest in Low-E (low emissivity) glass to reduce that thermal impact even further.

Imperfections in a window’s seal may cause condensation. If your windows are constantly fogged up or wet on one side or the other, a faulty seal between the window and the sill may be to blame. If the moisture is collecting on the outside of a double-pane window, then warmer air in sneaking through the interior pane; if you’re seeing moisture on the inner pane, then the exterior pane is allowing cool exterior air to pass the sill.

If air can get past your windows, so can water – and this is a big problem. Leaks around the window frame or along the bottom, where the window meets the sill, can allow rainwater, dew and other forms of moisture to creep in. The next thing you know, your home is infested with mold spores that could cause serious health problems for sensitive loved ones. Water that seeps into wooden framework or drywall can also facilitate rot and serve as a breeding ground for termites. If you value your home and your quality of life, get those leaky windows repaired or replaced, ideally with water-resistant materials.

Last but not least, we shouldn’t forget about Houston’s reputation as a place where allergies are prevalent. You may not be sensitive to mold, but chances are you’re vulnerable to the tons of cedar, grass, and other allergens that blow through this part of Texas every year. If your windows aren’t maintaining a proper seal, you may be going through a lot more tissues and antihistamines than necessary. Again, get those windows looked at!

Zen Windows Houston can help you fit our home with replacement windows that keep you and your surroundings drier, healthier, and more comfortable. Fight the elements the smart way by contacting us today!

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