The Zen Windows Experience

Zen Windows wants to provide an awesome experience for its customers by making the process of getting new and energy efficient replacement windows in Houston TX and doors fast, easy, affordable, and totally stress-free. We do things differently from most replacement window companies out there.

  • A wide and diverse range of products
  • High quality materials
  • Close attention to detail
  • Top notch customer service
  •  A strong passion for windows

In our pursuit of providing the best products and services for all of our customers, we have committed ourselves to providing:

 1. A wide collection of products to cater to the specific needs of our customers.
2. High quality materials for all of our products and installation jobs to ensure durability
3. Careful attention to detail
4. Fast, quality, and dedicated customer service
5. A strong passion for replacement windows and doors

We believe that the different characteristics listed above best describe the Zen Windows philosophy. These have helped us place ourselves at a position of being the premier window company in Houston, Texas. We always work hard to adhere to these characteristics every single time we get the opportunity to work with a client. This is one of our ways ensuring that we provide nothing but the best products and services that our customers need and want for their homes.

Customer-Driven Design

When we work with a client, we don’t impose our own opinions and suggestions on him. Instead, we work hand in hand with him by allowing him to voice out his specific goals for his home improvement project. We never send a salesperson to our clients’ homes because we think that doing so would be an absolute waste of both our time and their time.

With the level of today’s technology, we think that it’s no longer necessary to meet with you personally just so we can get the chance to talk to you about your lifestyle and preferences while taking note of the things that you want to do for your home. All of this can be done conveniently on the web or on the phone. After we get a clear and thorough understanding of the things you need, we will then work with you on deciding on what custom design would work best for your replacement windows and doors.

Commitment to Excellence

All the different elements of the window and door replacement process are important and have a huge effect on the overall outcome of the project. This is why Zen Windows Houston has teamed up with the best manufacturers of replacement windows and doors. We chose these companies because we believe that they have the same level of commitment to excellence that we have. In addition to choosing the best window and door manufacturers, we also formed our own team of skilled and experienced installers who are specifically trained to pay close attention to detail. We believe in the quality of our products and services which is why we backed them up with a guarantee that goes beyond the industry standard.

Personal Attention

We do different things to make sure that our clients get the best products and services from us. However, of all the things that we do to maintain our level of excellence, it is our personal attention that really sets us apart from other replacement window companies in Houston, Texas. We want to establish a collaborative relationship with you so that we can completely tailor the products and services that we’re going to provide you, to meet the results that you expected or even more.

When you choose Zen Windows Houston, you won’t deal or talk with anybody but the owners of the company almost all the time all throughout the process. This is because they know and feel that it’s part of their responsibility to know your needs and preferences. This is also a part of the things that they do to make sure that what the company provides you is of high quality, is well-serviced, and is exactly what you want and need.

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