Worried About the Cost of Windows? Think About The Savings!

Remodeling your home can be a thrilling adventure, but paying for those renovations is a less exciting prospect. If you’re faced with the need for replacement windows in Houston, you may be looking for any excuse to put the project off because you’re worried about the expense. But the truth is that replacing your windows (and patio doors) can actually save you money over time – if you do it right.

One of the biggest steps you can take toward energy savings for the life of your home is replacing old single-pane windows with modern double-pane windows. A single sheet of glass does very little to protect you from exterior heat or cold, causing you to spend way too much on heating and air conditioning. Double-pane windows are much more resistant to heat transfer because they have a thin layer of inert gas sandwiched between the two glass sheets. By adding these replacement windows to parts of your home that receive direct sunlight, you can enjoy a savings of up to $465 per year on your utility bills (assuming you use Energy STAR compliant products).

One point to keep in mind, though: Don’t assume that triple-pane windows are “that much more energy efficient” than double-pane windows. In most parts of the country (including Texas), a third pane of glass does very little to increase your energy savings above that you’re already getting from your double-pane windows. The big advantage occurs when you make the leap from single-pane to double-pane.

Replacing standard glass with low-E glass is another smart investment that can yield future savings. Low-E (“low emissivity”) glass contains an almost-microscopic layer of metallic film that reflects visible light, infrared energy, or both depending on what kind you buy. This type of glass reflects anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of incoming heat. Although low-E windows cost 10 to 15 percent more than ordinary glass windows, they can cut your energy bill by up to 50 percent. That’s an ongoing savings in exchange for a one-time investment. Think about it.

The same holds true for installing replacement sliding glass doors. With the kind of heat we get on a regular basis, you can’t afford not to replace a patio door or other sliding glass door that isn’t providing you with a decent degree of thermal insulation. Many older homes are still on their first set of sliding glass doors, and these doors just can’t compete with their modern equivalents in terms of energy efficiency. Sure, it costs money to replace a patio door, but the simple fact is that the energy savings you enjoy might allow the new door to pay for itself within just a few years. In the meantime, you and your family can enjoy a beautiful new addition to your home and a much more comfortable life. How is that not a bargain?

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Contact Zen Windows Houston and find out how we can help you come out ahead in the long run!

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